New Meal Plan Structure Announced

Lander Dining is excited to launch a new meal plan structure based on student feedback; providing students with greater flexibility & value within their meal plan. 

Lander Dining Meal Plans ’23 – ’24 Academic Year 

All Access + 100 DB $100  20 10 $2,550  Mandatory Residents 
165 Block + 450 DB $450 20 10  $2,550  Mandatory Residents  
100 Block + 350 DB $350 10 5  $1,650  Voluntary
50 Block + 275 DB  $275      $1,000  Voluntary 
DB 350 
$350      $350   Voluntary
NR 150 $150      $150   All Commuter Mandatory
  • Students residing in university residence halls have the option to select from the All Access or 165 Block Plan.
  • Students residing in Bearcat Village or McGhee Court can select from all options listed, excluding DB 350 & the NR 150.
  • All commuter students WILL receive the NR 150 plan with the opportunity to upgrade to any plan listed above. Commuter can upgrade their meal plan via Student Accounts in LC 111, 864.388.8303. Commuter meal plans are purchased per semester; expiring at the end of each semester.


Block Meals

Block meals provide the student access to the Grier Dining Hall, our all you care to eat venue on campus.


Bearcat Bucks

Bearcat Bucks can be used at all venues on campus. Students can add DB to their account by calling 364.388.8416 or visiting our office manager in office S239 in the Cultural Center.

Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange allows students access to retail venues utilizing their Block Meals. Students can redeem a block meal at the following retail locations: ChickFila, Freshens & Which Wich, by selecting from the meal exchange menu.

Guest Meals

Guest Meals

Guest meals can be redeemed in the Grier Dining Hall for friends and family visiting.

All meal plans are purchased on a per semester basis, expiring at the end of each semester. Unused block meals and DB DO NOT roll over. Voluntary DB (DB funds added to meal plan) roll over from Fall semester to Spring semester only.

Your student ID card identifies you as a holder of a meal contract and must be validated by the Business office. Your student ID card must be presented to the cashier at each meal — a procedure necessary to prevent unauthorized persons from using services for which you have paid. Student ID cards are nontransferable and are not to be given to another student for any purpose. The student ID card and meal plan may only be used by the owner. Resident students must present their ID card prior to entering the dining hall. Any student transferring his/her Lander ID card to another person is subject to disciplinary.

Please reach out to with any questions.